24 October 2018

Should my 7 year old child see our Dentist?

Yes. Every child deserves to grow up with a good, healthy smile. Age 6 to 7 years when a child starts to develop adult teeth. This is also when dental issues start to surface, such as a lower jaw that is too small or too long, upper teeth that stick out too much, upper jaw that looks sunken in, or teeth that are arranged in very narrow arches. Signs to look out for are early baby teeth loss, bad bite, mouth breathing, overcrowding of teeth, chewing difficulties, speech impediment, jaw shifts, or overage thumb sucking.

Early detection helps by making the treatment easier to plan, and allows us to rectify your child’s teeth early and in stages. Early treatment help. It is done when the child’s bones are still soft and pliable, and assists treatment response.
Give your child a good start. Tanglin Dental is a great place for your children to have their first checkup Our dentists are all gentle and friendly- your child will feel comfortable with their first treatment and check-ups.