General Dentistry

We offer a full range of dental treatments, from dental health and x-ray screenings to the management of complex dental problems.

Dental Health Screening & Check-Ups

What’s this you may ask? My teeth have no pain, I have a great life…. do I really need this?

Yes, you do. You need to be responsible for your teeth – you only have two sets in your life, your ‘baby’ teeth and your ‘permanent’ teeth.

Our general dentists will perform a comprehensive dental screening with the following steps:

  1. Medical history update
  2. Gum health assessment
  3. Oral Hygiene instruction
  4. Caries diagnosis
  5. Bite diagnosis
  6. Satisfaction with appearance
  7. Treatment plan and treatment option
  8. Dietary advice
  9. Explanation and X-ray diagnosis

Once your dental health has been deemed to be good condition, it is important to come back once or twice a year for regular check-ups and maintenance of your dental health.

Scaling and Polishing

Our dentists will remove the plaque and tartar deposits that have accumulated on the teeth over time. Regular scaling and polishing will help you in keeping your teeth healthy, clean and in working condition.

During this visit, we also check for any decay and other problems. We believe in a preventive approach to dentistry – meaning we try to identify potential problems before they occur.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

A tooth filling repairs broken, damaged, or decayed parts of your teeth. The dentist first cleans and removes decaying areas before building the tooth back to its original form using a tooth-coloured filling material. This is usually a fairly painless procedure. However, knowing that everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, we are able to numb your tooth before working on it, at your request.

Many patients do not feel any pain or sensitivity during the early stages of tooth decay. Most are unaware that they have any decay at all, until the decay process gets more advanced.

If you have a decaying tooth, it is important to repair it with a filling. Not only does this prevent a possible toothache, it also avoids the need for more complex and expensive treatment in the future.

At Tanglin Dental, we only use imported filling materials from premium American and Japanese brands like 3M, GC and Shofu. All our filling materials are tooth-coloured and mercury-free.