Zenyum Clear Aligners

What is Zenyum Invisible Braces?
Zenyum Invisible Braces is a homegrown Singapore based company which makes 3D printed clear aligner trays that straighten teeth. Through a series of aligners that are changed every 10 days, the clear aligners gradually move the teeth into its desired position.

How does Zenyum work?
Zenyum Invisible Braces treatment targets a range of complexities categorised into two programs. The ZenyumClear™ treatment targets mild to moderate cases (3-9 months treatment time) while more complex cases will fall under the ZenyumClear™ Plus treatment (treatment time subject to case complexity).

Cost of Zenyum Aligners: $2400- 3900(before GST)
  • Requires initial consultation, orthodontic assessment, x-rays, study models at $140 (before GST).
  • Certain conditions require additional procedures and therefore, additional costs may be incurred.
  • You will be informed of any additional costs prior to starting treatment.
    Retainers not included in package price.
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